Death of Evidence rally

In Ottawa on July 10th scientists gathered in great numbers to protest government.

The rally demanded more evidence-based policy and the need for the government to drastically reconsider some policy changes to the Fisheries Act and the closure of the Experimental Lakes Area.

Couple this with the muzzling of government scientists and you have a host of issues that makes you question our democracy.  This rally was the largest of the year on The Hill, with an estimated 2000-5000 people… and all this by a bunch of geeks who would gather be in the lab, not talking current affairs.

 No Science. No Evidence. No Truth. No DEMOCRACY.

Media quality downloads. Use the password: evidence

Want do we want, evidence based policy. When do we want it, after peer review!

 Science under the Harper Government is dieing a death of a thousand cut. Science is under attack.

Organisers of the Death of Evidence Rally said the event captured the mood of scientists and the public. Evidence is needed to make good decision for Canada. The Harper Government ignore evidence and cutting funding to cheap, cost effective, well performing research projects. Is this the start of something new? Has Harper awoken a sleeping political force? What is known is that Harper political messaging an oiled machine. But if numbers speak louder than words, maybe scientists can change our political landscape…

Specialists in visual storytelling of the natural world

Michael is a wildlife photographer and author of The Birds of Charnwood Forest. He is well known in Leicester through giving regular talks to clubs and societies. Paula is an award winning wildlife film maker also based in Leicestershire. UK studio: (01530) 243565 Richard is a zoologist passionate about photography. Currently studying for his doctorate in Ottawa, he combines his interests in animal behaviour, evolution and imaging through studying animal camouflage. Canadian studio: 613 255 5149

Canadian Ski Marathon

The long awaited moment has arrived. After several screenings in Ottawa and Leicestershire Websters Wildshots new documentary is ready for its official web launch. Not just this, but in the last few days this video was awarded best documentary at the MMM (Midlands Movie Maker) annual meeting. Well done Paula!

This latest documentary follows the skiing adventures of Richard Webster and Geoff White as they battle to ski 180 km over two days, as part of the Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM).

This epic xc ski event sees skiers -of all abilities- pit themselves against the elements of winter.   The two days of skiing is split into 10 stages. A stage can vary in its distance and terrain. Skiers new to the CMS might choose to ski just a few stages a day, whilst the seasoned skier might attempt the entire route. Whatever distance a skier might aim for, there is a common bond between all: I love the outdoors during winter and buckets of camaraderie!


Here’s a selection of photos from Canadian Ski Marathon.

You might even be in one of the photos! If you see one you like, you can buy a print online !!!

Documentary Rowing the Arctic

Two great bits of news:
i) Websters Wildshots has finally releases the online gallery of photographs from Row to the Pole.
ii) The BBC documentary Rowing the Arctic will be broadcast very soon!!!

Here is a message from Jock WIshart of Row to the Pole

I am delighted to let you know that a documentary film about the quest to reach the 1996 Magnetic North Pole by rowing boat will be broadcast this month on BBC One…and announce the official publication of our book FURTHEST NORTH.
The 60 minute programme – ROWING THE ARCTIC – will be transmitted on BBC One at 10:45pm on April 25th.
Having seen a preview already, I can say it is an outstanding film, capturing a lot of the drama, tension and adventure of our expedition.
The filming for it was all done by Mark Beaumont, who joined the crew to make the doco. So I’d like to invite you to forego A. an early night and B. Newsnight on BBC2 on April 25th to sit down and enjoy the programme. As if securing a prime slot on BBC One is not enough, we are equally proud to have a book published telling the entire story, illustrated with some outstanding photos taken on our voyage.

FURTHEST NORTH is published by Frozen World Books and is on sale at Amazon and (Click on links) as well as selected Waterstones and independent book shops.
It is written by Rod Macrae and has many photographs by Websters Wildshots. It is a real treasure of a book: a factual account which captures the true atmosphere of the whole endeavour, from the tensions as we set out to the real moments of danger and frustration experienced on the way.
Now that the entire story can be told, it stands as a remarkable adventure, simply because most experts said it was impossible – and yet six people made it happen.
So, please make a mark in your diary for April 25th – and please buy a copy of our book FURTHEST NORTH as a permanent record of the Old Pulteney Row To The Pole.
Frozen World Books has a series of video interviews clips with Jock Wishart and Billy Gammon talking about the expedition which can be seen at frozennorth, the official Row to the Pole website and on YouTube. They make an appetiser for the book and film.


Winterlude in Ottawa

Winterlude is one the winter highlights for Ottawa’s locals and tourists. This two week festival celebrates all things cold. It is famous for both the largest skateway in the world and an exciting ice carving competition.

This winter Webster’s Wildshots enjoyed a reunion in Ottawa, as Paul and Michael visited their son, Richard. This was a great opportunity to do some photography and filming of a Canadian winter… a scary thing for us mere Brits.

Camera in hand the reunited trio set out to capture some photos of Winterlude.

The ice carving competition opened with the one block challenge. Here the grandmasters of ice carving gathered to transform one block of ice in one hour!

As Winterlude continued more ice sculptures were added. The NCC has some great photos on Flickr too And more and more people started to visit, lots travelling by the Rideau canal Skatway.

Environmental Leadership

The Leadership in Environmental Action Forum is a special opportunity for high school students who are interested in environmental leadership.  The forum held by Ottawa’s Natural History Museum allows students to interact and network with students from other high schools and hear from a variety of speakers.

I was asked to speak at this event about my expeditions with Row to the Pole. I discussed some of the scientific evidence for climate change, the decline of Arctic sea ice and the importance of science communication.


Check some of the Row to the Pole videos produced by Websters Wildshots to learn more about the ice boat, what Arctic sea is like and why the Arctic is changing.

Lighting backgrounds

I have a wedding photo shoots in a few weekends. It will be of the Rideau Club. This will be a great venue, but it’s difficult to get into the place to check it out before hand. To prepare for the shoot of I need to practice some off-camera flash. I love off-camera flash work because it gives you so much flexibility with the light: and we all know that photography is painting with light! A particular challenge of the Rideau Club is the dark and rich wooden walls. These potentially beautiful backgrounds can be awkward to work with because the wood harshly reflects flashes. Here is a sequence of shots that I built up to not just manage woods reflections, but make something beautiful out this challenge. First flashes used to light the background. This can replace the uniform dull wood with a gradient of light. A subject is then placed off-center and in front of this halo of light. The subject is then light separately, with the second off-camera flash.

Building a background with lights