Canadian Ski Marathon

The long awaited moment has arrived. After several screenings in Ottawa and Leicestershire Websters Wildshots new documentary is ready for its official web launch. Not just this, but in the last few days this video was awarded best documentary at the MMM (Midlands Movie Maker) annual meeting. Well done Paula!

This latest documentary follows the skiing adventures of Richard Webster and Geoff White as they battle to ski 180 km over two days, as part of the Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM).

This epic xc ski event sees skiers -of all abilities- pit themselves against the elements of winter.   The two days of skiing is split into 10 stages. A stage can vary in its distance and terrain. Skiers new to the CMS might choose to ski just a few stages a day, whilst the seasoned skier might attempt the entire route. Whatever distance a skier might aim for, there is a common bond between all: I love the outdoors during winter and buckets of camaraderie!


Here’s a selection of photos from Canadian Ski Marathon.

You might even be in one of the photos! If you see one you like, you can buy a print online !!!

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