Websters Wildshots offers talks and lectures on a diverse range of topics suitable for many difference groups such as natural history, photography, travel, gardening and social clubs.

Previous Clients

The range of subjects we are able to lecture or talk about are as follows, some of which are available in Canada and some in the UK.

    • Bird Migration
    • Spanish Safari
    • Animal Camouflage
    • Colour and courtship
    • Wild Charnwood
    • Crossing Canada with a camera
    • Canadian seasons
    • Madagascar, weird and wonderful
    • Why Divers have moved to page 62 !
    • The Secret squares and gardens of London
    • Row to the Pole: An arctic first.
    • Why zebras are striped: the evolution of dazzle coloration
    • The magic of Kew Gardens

2 thoughts on “Events

  1. Thank you for contacting me. I would be happy to talk to your group. Please give me a ring on 01530 – 243565 and we can chat about it.

    Michael Webster

  2. Hi!, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed looking at the Photos, especially the one in Jujuy Eco Portal, I am actually travelling there in December 2015 (I am from Argentina Living in West Sussex). Also I am planning to start a small Birdwatching Tour company To Argentina Connecting Buenos Aires -Iguazu Falls-Jujuy/Salta with sightseeing of the areas too. So I may be buying some Pics From you!.
    All the best and carry on with this lovely work!

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